Jérémy Louvencourt : the alchemy of creation

By François Beauxis Aussalet

Jérémy Louvencourt lives and works in Paris. He has developed a set of drawing techniques on different natural supports. His new workshop has just opened in Aubervilliers.

FEAT-Y : What is your creative process?

Jérémy Louvencourt : “What interests me is to immerse myself in the medium and to communicate with it: paper or parchment. I look for the history of a region or a people, the messages hidden in the fibre, the kinds of maps inscribed in the irregularities, the link with the living. I transcribe this captured energy into ink paths that I develop by relying on the irregular patterns on the surface of the support. »

FEAT-Y : Which paper did you choose for the “Interstices” series?

Jérémy Louvencourt : “I use “amate” paper, which is a Mexican paper prototype made from ficus bark, used in the shamanic and medicinal practices of the Mayas who call it “huun”. Amate paper was one of the elements that resisted and survived European colonization. To this day, it is almost the only craft that has survived through the ages, an object of resistance and survival of a tradition that is still very much alive. I repeat a motif in the Rotring as if to go into a trance, awakening to the surface of the paper, in order to create a meditative space in which everyone can come and get lost. »

FEAT-Y : There are two readings of your works: microscopic or macroscopic?

Jérémy Louvencourt : “My work was born out of research into the creation of a complex reality from very simple elements. Seen from afar my drawings represent abstract forms, but if you get very close you see the repetition of four motifs repeated ad infinitum. These four patterns, very small, will create something complex, between surface and space, something not really defined, without boundaries. A kind of “living” creation out of four elementary bricks”

website of the artist :  http://louvencourtjeremy.fr

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